Collection: Weighted Blankets

Prepare yourself to be completely blown away by a product that deserves its weight in gold judging by the benefits. A weighted blanket will guarantee continous sleep sessions, that make everyone wake up well-rested and enthusiastic only if you choose it right, so that it is 10% of your body weight and fits you perfectly. We’ve got plenty of options, you will certainly find the best blanket for sleeping and dreaming. Just pick the colour you like best between the blue weighted blanket, the green weighted blanket, the turquoise weighted blanket, the purple weighted blanket and the pink weighted blanket and decide if you need a 5lbs, 7lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs or a 15lbs one. This is all you have to do to change your life and your family’s forever. No more waking up in the middle of the night, no more nightmares or mornings you can’t drag the kids out of bed or when you yourself keep hitting the snooze button. Welcome peaceful nights and happy mornings! Hazli is dedicated to offer its clients top quality products, with multiple benefits upon health and no stress about maintenance. Our calming confort blankets are made of 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber. They preserve body temperature and have a snugly appearance everyone loves. The minky cover can be washed as often as you feel like it and the blanket itself can be washed by hand or dry clean. The constant pressure of the weighted blanket offers a feeling of security similar to being hugged, a sensation children (and not only them) need for falling asleep in no time, until the alarm clock goes off the next day. Choose nights of good sleeping and days of having fun only by choosing Hazli.