Being a parent is a handful, but nobody tells you that in advance, do they? And if taking care of the basics seems quite simple, doing the best job requires a lot more. For this extra mile, there is Hazli Collection . Our products cover the specific needs of children of all ages, making sure they are involved in active play activities during their spare time and that they rest profoundly with the help of weighted blankets afterwards. We are the answer to all your worries and prayers!

First we make sure all the indoor and outdoor activities of your little ones offer them safety, an opportunity to learn new things about the world, everything while having tons of fun. And we take care of your long gone quiet time, too, by guaranteeing they’ll be sound asleep faster than ever before, with no pauses or night time visits to their parents’ bed. This little miracle we call weighted blankets will open up a new view upon sleep for your loved ones and a new view upon life for yourself, as they’re calming comfort blankets that, besides helping kids sleep better, simultaneously give you the chance to do grown up stuff while they rest (and we hope it’s not laundry ;)) Hazli is dedicated to making life easier for everyone. With our products, kids will have the chance to enjoy real activities, instead of virtual ones, no matter if they decide to stay indoor with the inflatable punching bag or go outside and play with in the saucer tree swings.

They’ll enjoy nature, independence, friendship, they’ll learn about the important things we need to apreciate more. And this bonding experience will be enhanced by the harmonious sleep routine you will gain together with the help of our memory foam mattresses and weighted blankets. Did we say that you’ll have a lot more time on your own from now on? If we did, we need to say it more as this is our precious gift to parents and caretakers, because you are the ones doing the hard job – raising responsible adults we will all be proud of in the future.