I am Louise, I am a mother of two and Co-Owner @Hazli

As a parent, all I want is to have healthy children and be able to offer them only the best education in the world.
Since my firstborn started to raise, I realized that physical activity is fundamental to his early development and that I have to keep him active everyday in order to stimulate his psychological and social development.
That's why, I chose sports as the best educational tool.
Sport is the most important learning environment with a wealth of benefits.
Children learn to explore new things by using their senses, they understand what competition is about and learn new skills as: communication skills, self-confidence, coordination, cognitive abilities, sharpness, and the great feeling of being part of a team.
How does Hazli supports this idea?
Hazli is about sports toys, games and most efficient gymnastics accessories made to get the best out of our kids.  
Whether your little one is a math genius, or he wants to become a scientist or a gymnast, all of our Hazli products are meant to uncover the hidden potential of every child. 
There is no child better than the other.
All the kids are great and our aim, as parents, is to help them discover what is their own super power!
“Champions are not born, they are made.”
Mother of two