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Top summer games and activities for kids

It’s finally summer!

And this summer will be unforgettable! We have so many games and tips to keep you outside, so you will not recognize your kids when you will find out that they totally forgot about phones, laptops, TV and all those triggers that kept them inside the house.

Don’t you wanna join the fun? Of course you do and we try to propose games for the whole family, depending on how far can you go! As for us, we join almost every game that can be played with our kids.

No more talk, let’s start the fun!

1. Water Fight

Using water balloons, water pistols, a garden hose, or a pool of water and some plastic containers, have a water fight with your child.

Invite some of your child's friends over for the fun.

Serve Popsicles or ice-cream cones afterward.

2. Bubble contest

Who can blow the biggest bubble?

Who can create the biggest pile of bubbles in thirty seconds?

Whose bubble lasts the longest?

Whose bubble is the prettiest?

Who can blow a bubble within a bubble?

Who can get a marble or other small toy inside a bubble?

Give each contestant a supply of bubble solution and some bubble-blowing tools and start the fun.

All the kids will get special prizes in the end: the biggest bubble, the most creative figurine and…a cookie or an ice-cream, of course.

3. Water balloon panting

Our kids love the water balloons, so we can make all kind of games with them, they love it. Painting with water balloons it’s a great game, ideally for 3 or 4 kids.

You need water balloons, filled with water, but not so full that they are about to burst.

Then, a kiddie pool (the hard plastic kind; see the end of the post for alternate ideas if you don’t have one).

Also a large piece of paper (such as butcher paper) or cardboard, tempera paint and masking tape.

Tape the paper down to the bottom of the swimming pool, than fill small dishes 1/3-1/2 full with paint. Dip water balloons in paint part or all the way and set on the paper-covered bottom of the pool. Next, the kids take position around the pool, lift it up, and tilt the pool back and forth and around to make the paint-covered water balloons roll around and make designs on the paper.

4. The ultimate obstacle course

For an all-out backyard water bonanza, set up an obstacle course by combining all of these ideas into one. Have kids slip ‘n’ slide, hit a water balloon with a whiffle ball bat, toss a balloon into a bucket, and fill a bucket with a sponge, all in a row. It can be a race against the clock, a relay race, or a low-pressure good time.

5.Get inside a human-sized bubble

What your kids will if you will tell them they can get into a bubble? What’s better than a regular bubble? A bubble you can stand inside, obviously!!! Fill a small plastic pool with water and bubble solution and let it sit overnight. Place a hula hoop at the bottom of the pool and instruct kids to stand inside it one at a time. Pull the hoop up to their heads and watch in amazement as it brings a giant tubular bubble along with it. Don’t forget to take pics!

6. Desert cooking contest

Ice cream, fruits, candies? What the kids love! But before starting a day/ week sweets party, you can organize a contest in which every child should prepare a desert for one of the adults. The kid can combine as he wants the ingredients and make the design, in a precise amount of time.

7. Yard Twister

Maybe you ask yourself wouldn’t the paint ruin your lawn? Turns out you can use ground marking spray to prevent damaging your grass, and within a few weeks it grows out. Hadn’t thought of that! You could make the board as big as you’d like so that a lot of people could play at once. And, you can customize the size of the dots depending on the age of the players; smaller dots are better for little hands and feet. All you need is some round forms and colored sprays.

And played outside is soooo much better for your home. Someone's always falling off the mat and knocking over a lamp or crashing into a coffee table.

Now, we’re all safe!

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