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The Importance of a Child’s Bedroom Sanctuary

We all love to cuddle in the morning and spend hours reading bedtime stories.

These are the most precious moments in our everyday routine. It is not about spoiling the child or something similar, it is essential for their emotional development and our both happiness.

It is also important to help kids become independent and enjoy their newly discovered power day by day, because in time, the full addiction will be a continuously painful disappointment for them.

To sleep in their own place might be difficult in the beginning, but with some help and backup from us they will love to have their own dreaming world.  

Children need to learn to soothe themselves during the night.

If they always have a parent to cling to, they restrict their learning about how to calm themselves on their own.

Also, children want to feel they can accomplish what their peers have mastered.

Kids who continue to sleep in their parents’ beds often keep it a secret and feel some shame that they can’t do what their peers do regularly.

Learning to wait in bed when something awakens a child during the night such as a nightmare is a major developmental accomplishment.

Surely, they may call out for reassurance, but the parent comes to the child’s room and gives them a snuggle and reassurance. Then the child learns they fall asleep again.

Learning to wait is a developmental task that fosters all kinds of learning during the day.

It’s important at night as well. Sometimes there is no nightmare, just a temporary awakening. For a child to have the confidence that if they close their eyes again, they will fall back to sleep builds self-esteem.

How to make them love their bedroom?

We can paint together dream like land in the bedroom, with stars and moon and lucky unicorns.

And we can also make a fairy tale set-up with low warm lights to make them comfortable and willing to spend time in this wonderful dream garden.

We can make an night trip ritual.

For example, if we have an indoor kids tent, first we will spend time in the story tent and read all the marvelous adventures of their preferred characters while drinking a warm cup of milk sweetened with honey, then we will light the room to prepare the sleeping atmosphere and after the story we will move to the bed where we they can wish upon the ceiling stars before they fall asleep.  

These are the tricks that worked with our kids, but what about yours?

What are your magics tips to keep the child sleeping in his own bedroom?

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