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The Benefits of DIY Projects for you and your kid

Why when we do something from scratch we are so proud of ourselves, even it’s a small thing or a very pragmatic activity?
Maybe because we are happy to discover that we can. This way we discover that we can build with our hands and imagination something useful or beautiful we never thought we could, either is a cookie like the ones in the candy shops, a dress for a doll or a table for coffee.
The kids are exactly as we are…insecure, shy, but willing to discover new powers in themselves. And this is what “do it yourself” (DIY) projects make them realize, the fact that they are more capable, talented and resourceful that they though before about themselves. 
Examples of DIY projects may include any type of home improvement such as painting, remodeling, tile and mosaic art, furniture building, or fabric arts, cooking and gardening are all healthy, nurturing DIY family activities.
What would learn our child at the end of the day?
1.  DIY project develop thinking, realism and responsibility.
The DIY projects offers you all the tools you need, of course, but in the same time, you have to organize what you have, in order to deliver the result, you have to be oriented about the things you need and learn how to use them, you have to ask for support when you need it and make a conceptual and also practical activity in the same time. This will make the child think in advance about the next step and to project the final result in order to check the actual status. 
2. Learn to ask for help!
We all feel vulnerable when it comes to asking for help, and we sometimes might lack a certain skill to finish a technical project, for example.
But the child will learn that he has a back-up in you and you both can cooperate to make a great result in the end and everybody wins. DIY projects make him learn that he should not give up when he don’t know something, and that it’s ok to rely on the best skills of your team, even when you personally lack one specific one.
3. Good work do pays off!
This is maybe the most important emotional thing the child will learn along with “don’t give up”. After you both putted all your concentration and skills, the result will come up after all and you both will be proud of your talents. Even it is not the perfect appearance, or the one similar with the model, something useful or tasteful or beautiful will come out of it.
4. Being together for real!
Quality time respond to a more profound need than just to physical presence, it requires emotion and a real communication about something that matters for both.
DIY projects require 100% mental presence. You really have to be involved to deliver the result.
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