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Reasons you might choose alternative education for your child

Dear Hazli parents,
We are parents too like you are, our kids mix all the age ranges, and we try give a perspective to our personal questions, here on Hazli.
We were talking few weeks ago about the alternative education, because we all have kids learning in the traditional educational system, and not necessarily that we felt disappointed, but we tried to compare which is more valuable and with the best outcome in the future for our kids.
Now, to give the discussion a larger view, we pointed the key aspects we were interested in our kids education.
So, here is what we found out!
Are you aware of your kid’s interest and want to encourage them more?
The alternative schooling might be the answer
In the traditional education, at least the schools/kindergartens where our kids are learning, all the kids have to follow the same age adapted program.
You can adapt the programs and trainings not only by the classical rules suited to age, but on the kid potential instead.
“Areas aptitudes”, the shady qualities of our kids
As parents, we sometimes fall in to the trap to believe that our kids are either geniuses or not talented in anything.
That’s as false as plate earth.
All the human beings have specific aptitudes, surviving ones or intellectual, varying in intensity from others, but it’s hard to see them when they are areas ones, not specific as sports or drawing or math.  
In this case, alternative education is better than classical one, for example, in a Montessori school students are free to explore the interests and lessons that they value the most while the teacher observes.
Grades, tests and other forms of educational measurement are not found in Montessori schooling; quelling the highs and lows that competitive education garners. Parents who see the value in Montessori schools report that their children develop an eager love for learning and are more likely to specialize in one specific area that brings them joy and satisfaction, ultimately resulting in grooming them into a young adult who is much more confident and happier with his life choices.
Alternative is boring for your kid?
Definitely, this is not a model for anyone! Just as large public high schools are not right for everyone, neither are alternative schools. These institutions offer curricula and learning opportunities that students comfortable in larger schools may regard as less intensive. Additionally, opportunities to join sports teams and other extracurricular programs abundant at many public high schools may not be present in alternative education settings.
What happens after alternative education?
Due to the nature of alternative schools, there is concern that students don't learn the skills needed for success in post-secondary education.
Critics contend that classes are less rigorous, and graduates are not competitive when applying for college. However, there are a variety of alternative schools with a college preparation focus.
As a conclusion, we decided that the obvious advantage to enrolling in an alternative school is that you will be able to earn a regular high school diploma in a free and relaxing environment highlighting the kid’s personal aptitudes and qualities.
On the other hand, if you aim a specific career which requires solid education for college admission in a professional field, you need to study more in advance to see if you child will be well-prepared enough for admission or adaptable enough to reintegrate later in a traditional system.
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