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Kids And Jumping on the Trampoline - Benefits of Jumping For Kids

Kids love trampolines!

Did you ever though as a parent that such an agitated activity as the trampoline jumping is not only a fun play, but also a health benefit for our kids?

What’s the trick here? None.

It’s just that trampoline is a smart trap that mix exercise with great fun: Kids intensely exercise without knowing it. They enjoy the fun, not realizing the effort and because they love it so much, they are willing to spend more than usual without becoming bored like in other sport activities.

Like most aerobic activities, bouncing on a trampoline provides plenty of physical benefits for kids and adults of all ages. Jumping on a trampoline gets your blood pumping and works your lymphatic system, which strengthens your immune system and promotes proper body circulation. Since bouncing is considered low-impact it’s also safer and less strenuous on the joints than other forms of exercise.

Here are some of the many benefits trampolines can offer:

Heart health

Yes, trampolining is considered an aerobic sport. Kids that trampoline have better heart health and are more likely to incorporate an exercise routine later in their life. Jumping up and down on a trampoline raises your heart rate. Unlike jump roping or running, exercise on a trampoline doesn’t create shock waves of impact.

Of course, jumping on a trampoline does come with a risk. People who jump on trampolines are subject to injury, so don’t let the kids unsupervised.

Motor skills

Jumping on a trampoline requires whole body movement, using the body’s core and strengthening it. Your child will learn how to balance and will become better coordinated. Improved gross motor skills will impact your child’s development in terms of fine motor skills and help your child with all the new day to day tasks they will be needing to learn and implement in his or her life.

If your child is learning new physical skills like jumping on the trampoline this has an overall impact on all learning, which means your child will be better able to cope in the class room and learn new things. There is a link between physical body control and visual movement and the ability to learn.

Improved strength and overall health

Regular trampoline jumping with improve your child’s muscle strength, improve flexibility and also increase bone density.

Jumping on a trampoline is said to also detox your body, pushing toxins out of your body and moving nutrients into your cells. This means that along with being fit and stronger your immune system will also be stronger.

Jumping on a kids trampoline is a fun way for kids to build muscle. The activation of the leg muscles from rebounding sets children up for a happy and healthy future.

Teaches persistence

It takes time to master specific skills on a trampoline, but because it’s so much fun, kids will often persist until they get their moves absolutely right.

Improves self-esteem

As a child masters new skills on the trampoline they begin to gain confidence, which in turn translates into a better self-image.

Fresh air! Away from technology

Not only do trampolines keep kids healthy, they also keep them outdoors where they are able to get fresh air and play outside.

Trampolining beats jogging

Jumping is an activity that’s fun and healthy for the whole family! NASA has stated that 10 minutes of jumping is the equivalent of a 30 min run.

Safety concerns

It would be impossible to talk about kids trampolines without discussing their safety. If the proper measures aren’t taken to reduce risk, trampolines can be dangerous. We recommend getting a quality trampoline net and never leaving children on the trampoline unsupervised.

So, trampolining is exercise in disguise and is perfect for kids who don’t like taking part in sports lessons or sports activities.

A trampoline offers fun physical fitness for kids, a chance to move their body and exercise without even realizing!

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