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Ideal Gifts for active kids this Christmas

Do you have an overactive, restless child? Is he always running, jumping, riding and hacking? On the couch, on the desk, on the chair, on everything excepting the floor? That’s great! You have an athlete at home and a future sports super star.

Let’s say now it’s time to give your child something to work on and offer yourself a little break! Christmas is the time when everybody should be happy, isn’t it? How could a Christmas gift could make such a magic trick? Simple. Offer your athlete a gift that treasures his energy and makes him the champion of the day. If he already started a sport, this is the perfect time to start practicing at home! And you could be able to finish your coffee in a long time. Or at least that’s what we wish you to!

Let’s see what are the gifts for our little champ:

Balance Beam for Beginner Gymnasts

This is the most important piece of a beginner’s gymnastics equipment for training at home. With the ideal level firmness and stability, this is an affordable gymnastics balance beam that will help your child improve skills faster. Made of density EVA foam with a non-slip artificial leather, this training beam will offer your child hours of safe practice. It will help him improve his handstands, jumps, donkey kicks and cartwheels without the risk of injury. For extra safety, you can place the Hazli balance floor mat underneath the gymnastic balance.

Pinkdelicious Home Gymnastics mat for Kids

The perfect gymnastic mats for children from toddlers to teens! Invest in only high-quality tumbling gymnastics mat for beginner gymnasts. With a comfortable foam pad, dense and supportive EPE foam, the Hazli gymnastic exercise tumbling mat are firm enough to absorb the shock without interfering in the execution of the trainings. The gymnastics mats for home allow you to save space and be able to store it anywhere without stress. The exercise mats for home gym are large enough to allow one child to practice their routine.

Besides tumbling gymnastics, the gym floor mats are suitable to be used as martial arts mats, karate mats and even cheer tumbling mats.

Giant Round Colorful Tree Swing for Kids

Transform your backyard into the perfect playground for an active and healthy child. Mount a colorful tree swing on a tree and let your child develop balance and imaginative play. Unlike the traditional web swing for tree, our Hazli swings for outside will keep your child safe during hours of fun play. Our Hazli giant swing is the perfect the safest summer toys for kids for outside play, built to last for years. The heavy-duty hook and loop closures securely cover the bolts and screws to prevent scratches and bruises. The outdoor swings for kids can be used indoor or outdoor, without any risk of deterioration.

Hazli Beginners Slackline Set with Training Line

Slacklining is a perfect way for kids of all ages to hone balancing skills while building core strength and confidence. Transform your backyard into an attractive playground without spending your savings. Due to the heavy-duty steel ratchet tensioning system our balance slackline supports the weight of 3 kids and offers the support and stability for risk-free balancing. The dynamic movement is related to everything we do in life. Most sports have similar concepts of balance, so it’s a great cross training tool. The way it makes people feel—connected to their mind and body at the same time, it’s addictive.


Trampolines have to be one of the most popular toys for active kids, but if you don’t have enough room (or the right weather) outdoors, your kids are missing out on a whole lot of bouncy fun. Luckily, there are now a whole host of trampolines made specifically for use indoor use. Indoor trampolines are great for energetic kids, plus they are small enough to fit safely inside a playroom or living room. An indoor trampoline is usually a lot smaller than a full-size trampoline, so it is a fun toy for younger kids and toddlers. Kids can bounce around all day long, although they should be supervised at all times, as trampolines can be dangerous under certain conditions.

Hopper Ball Bouncing Toy

They’re perfect for cold winter days when the weather keeps you indoors. They are relatively inexpensive so can get multiple gifts for active kids in your life. Instead of having kids bouncing around underfoot, let them bounce around the house on the Bouncing Ball!


Have you ever played Twister? It’s an old classic game that’s perfect for active kids. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing an exciting game that tests your flexibility. One child spins to find out which hand or foot goes on which color. The players’ challenge is to remain upright while moving their appendages from one color to the next. The last person stand wins!

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