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How to wash your Hazli weighted blanket

Our Hazli weighted blankets come in 2 pieces, the weighted blanket and the soft, colorful duvet cover especially designed for children. Because they do have different care instructions it is important to separate the two pieces before washing.

To remove the weighted blanket from the cover, first spread it on the bed. Unzip the cover and first undo the middle tie. Then pull the corners that are closest to you from the inside to the outside and also undo the ties. Pull the other two corners outside and continue to undo the ties until the last one is undone.

The minky cover and inner weighted blanket must be washed separately. This is why it is very important to follow the washing instructions on the labels. Wash the minky cover using the Gentle or Delicate cycle. Do not use a laundry detergent that contains bleach and avoid fabric softeners. Tumble dry the minky cover on the gentle cycle with low heat. Never use a high heat setting on the minky cover, as it will damage the fabric. You can also hang the minky cover to dry.

The weighted blanket we suggest to be washed by hand to maintain the quality of the fabric. Avoid fabric softeners and do not dry it in the dryer with heat. Squeeze out the excess water as much as you can. Leave the weighted blanket on a clean horizontal surface such as a drying rack. Shake it out and flip it occasionally to help redistribute the beads evenly. Line dry the cover, preferably in the sun.

After you wash your weighted blanket or the cover, if you want to continue using them together, you have to attach the duvet cover to the weighted blanket. First, spread the weighted blanket on the bed. Unzip the cover, turn it inside out and place it over the blanket. Create strong knots between the laces of the cover, starting from a corner. After you have made all the strings into knots, except the middle one located near the zipper, grab the corners that are opposite to the zipper, from the inside and pull them towards you. Then fasten the last tie and close the zipper. Shake the weighted blanket and make sure it’s strong and evenly distributed.

Now it’s time for your child to have a great night sleep with the Hazli weighted blanket!

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