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How to Help Your Kids Overcome Boredom

If you decided to read the article, it’s clear you asked yourself this question in the first place and you are now looking for solutions.

The question is: Why do you think boredom is a negative feeling?

Imagine that you have to go for three days on the countryside without any technology whatsoever. No phones, no TV, no games etc.

What would be the first thing you will feel? Some level of panic, then boredom followed by the question: What should I do the next three days here? Right?

Same with the children.

The boredom, this is a very good point for personality development, because it challenge you do give yourself a meaning without an external entertainer. It challenge your to rediscover or find from scratch new passions. It is a personal creativity moment!

Many parents feel obliged to be continuous entertainers for their kids, they fill up to fully all the free moments their kids have.

They take them to sports, music, theatre, math, science they organize all kind of distractions for the weekend and it is all consuming.

The child will have no free time, no boredom, but also no insight about personal desires.

In all the process, the kids remain passive consumers, used to delivered excitement from outside their personalities, becoming more and more indifferent to normal incentives.

But, let’s see what we can do about it.

1. Reestablish the peace.   

Keep some days during the week or hours for the weekend without anything scheduled.

If your child looks at the wall it doesn’t necessary means he doesn’t do anything. Time for contemplate, imagine things or dream about something is very good and even we, the adults, should have such moments only for ourselves.


2. Play funny invented games.

For example you can play that games with funny personal questions and fix answers: I would/ I wouldn’t.

You can write the questions on little papers, then everyone should choose blindly one question from a ball and respond honestly with I would or I wouldn’t.


3. Chef for a meal!

Make together the dinner or the weekend breakfast, but let them be the masterchef.

Let them choose the recipe, read it and make it as much as they can, with you’re your help, of course.


4. Library time!

Ask the child if he would want to go to a library to see what new books recently appeared. 

Go together and see what are the most interesting books and drawing pencils and buy only one or two he likes the most, after a short preview. Ask for arguments before buying it.


5. Encourage your child to be social!

Let your child invite his friends over and stay for the night in weekend.


7. Myth basted!

Challenge your child and make together some experiments, like the day without TV/ phone/ sweets and encourage him to detail his experience in a future blog. So, first he should observe what happens.


8. Create an art box to hold your kids artwork.

The fun part is that you get to decorate it with construction paper, pom-poms, yarn, glitter, markers, and so on. You have the freedom to create anything and will spend more quality time together!


9. Sumo wrestle! Use some pillows and a pair of dad-size T-shirts to "sumo wrestle."


Before start to do anything ask yourself what “I am bored means”.

Sometimes, the remedy is your warm attention, maybe your presence, your warmth and your willingness to be close and attentive is all that’s needed.


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