How to be a working mom and a student in the same time?


Long time ago, to be a mom was the only full-time job women had, after a while the feminist movements empowered women to balance jobs and families without abandoning their independence or professional status.

Our present issue is: Identity!

Is there a necessity to give up your dreams because you must take care of your family and the daily responsibilities?

To continue your studies or start studying a new domain you are passionate about means to dedicate time and energy saved from the mom job.

With children or without we are first individuals before we become “we” or “mom”. Any role we might have and how much we are involved in, we have to remind ourselves that we are first an individual with his own desires, dreams and only a life to achieve it.

We won’t like to become in the future some bitter creatures that say every 5’ that life is hard and dreams are useless. And we must provide a good role model for our kids.

So, the first step is to realize that You deserve it!


You deserve to be anything you want to be!
You are entitled to keep your identity and have your own free zone which is exclusively related to you.


It won’t be easy, but it not by far impossible. But, now, anything meaningful is hard to get. All the efforts remind us why we are doing it.

You'll feel tired and overwhelmed at times. Your family, as much as they love you, won't always be as supportive as you need them to be, and they'll struggle to make adjustments.

Just remember that these changes are temporary, and that you can do this while maintaining healthy family relationships. If you are feeling unsure about your ability to do this, or are feeling overwhelmed, take a look at the following tips. You may just find a few things that will apply to your life.


Cook and freeze meals on the weekend to be prepared for the next week



Use public transportation

You can study and answer emails on while commuting.


Try the memorizing techniques and study smarter




Skip the activities that don’t need you specifically.

For example, hire someone for cleaning once a week


 Consider giving older children extra spending cash for taking on chores and driving duties




Have a detailed schedule.

So, have your schedule and stick to it. If you schedule studying for 10 am to 11:30 am on Saturday morning, then do exactly that and specify what you plan to cover. As a mom-student, you don’t have the luxury to be lazy.


Quality Time

If in the past you spent together time doing nothing, now, having less time it’s better to really enjoy what you have by doing attractive things for all the family.


Me Time

Make time for yourself and take one night off a week. Turn off your brain. Watch or read something that requires as little thought as possible. Guilty pleasure it up to your heart’s content. Yes, that means go ahead and read the trashy novel or watch the silly reality television show.
Do whatever brings you joy. It is necessary to recharge at least once a week, so you can continue being a Supermom and a Superstudent.
  • Jul 02, 2018
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