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Happy Clients, Happy Us!

We are the happiest people when our customers are satisfied with our products! Here are some reviews from our clients who bought the weighted blanket.


I have a nearly 3 yo ASD son and had been given suggestion to try a weighted blanket .
As SOON as this blanket came in ( I’m adorable packaging) my son instantly fell in love with it . He sat STILL on my couch for a solid hour !!! He has since slept better , and even nap times are a little smoother. When my son is having a moment I’ll wrap this blanket around his shoulders and I can watch him start to relax! This blanket is THE BOMB. And the company so far seems to be incredible as well! Thank you Hazli

Soft and snuggly - ValRay Nelson

I bought this for my 9yr old son who suffers from restless nights and has trouble getting to sleep by himself at night. We do oils and have a strict routine for bed time that does help a bit but adding this blanket truly did help him tremendously. He loves how soft the blanket is and though he said it’s really heavy to move from room to room in our house he doesn’t complain about it on him when he sleeps so we will probably be purchasing another for the living room/ couch as well as one for him to keep at his dads house so he doesn’t have to travel back and forth with it

Best thing that happened to my child - Nikitta Franklin

My daughter has adhd and SPD. She has a very hard time sleeping at night absent medication. Which worked wonders until just recently. I was really kind of desperate to find other options. A friend asked me had I tried weighted blankets? I was completely clueless to the concept. I did some research and of course came to amazon to see which would be a good fit for my princess. Bought this one.....no more night up til 3 & 4 am...she has successfully been going to bed before 10 for about a week! Love it!!!

Just like the picture! You get your money's worth! - Kaylee

I love this blanket so much and so does my kids. When she gets tired she always ask for it. Great quality and the color is just like the picture. Very soft blanket.

Perfect and great quality - Mom813

Perfect for my son who has anxiety. This is better quality than most weighted blankets too. I bought a “cheaper” version for myself and you can hear the beads move around when you turn. This one is quiet and beads stay evenly distributed... no noise. My son loves it and takes it on every trip!!!

Great blanket for children with sleep problems - Nikki Mahouski

Hello, I recently purchased a weighted blanket for my 7 year old daughter who has been having a sleep disorder after hearing a weighted blanket could help. She loves her weighted blanket and sleeps so much better! ❤️ Thank you

Awesome blanket - Heather

My son loves this blanket!!! Honestly I love it too and personally want one now!

My son falls asleep much faster - gg

My son who has the spectrum of autism has troubles falling asleep, and this blanket makes him fall asleep so much faster! I really thank that this blanket is made, and made putting him to sleep so much easier! And my daughter who doesn't have autism or anything, likes using it too when he's not using and/or after he goes to bed with it. So I ordered a 2nd one. It's so worth it

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