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Easy ways to make your backyard more attractive for your kids

Are you searching for new attractive tricks to keep your kids away from the digital addiction? We all are. As psychologists say, children need the direct contact with reality and their intellectual capacities are much better developed through real and unmediated activities. Kids that play games, explore, socialize practice a sport develop also their potential in school and have higher grades.

You will think it’s easy to say, but much harder to do.

This is why we are here, to show that it’s not such a big effort to use some tricks and attract the kids from the screen.

The backyard is the main competition of the digital devices.

What we have to do is to transform our backyard in a playful place, so they can’t resist it.

1. Outdoor theater

All the kids love to be movie start, in the center of attention. They we love the theatrical stage, you can improvise in your backyard.

You’ll need 6 yards of red burlap, a clothesline, and clip-on curtain rings. Cut fabric into two 3-yard-long pieces. Fold about 12” down on one end of each piece of burlap and clip curtain rings to the folded edge, equally spaced apart (we used seven rings per curtain). Thread the rings onto your line, then rig the line between two trees. Clips make the curtains easy to put up and take down.

2. Stump Steps

Create a path or a larger circuit and make it fun to walk through. You can also use larger ones for a table and little ones as chairs.

To make a path you have to create this balance challenge with a path of cut logs in varying heights. Contact your local tree trimmer to see if he can donate scraps, or cut them yourself in heights ranging from 2” to 10”. Space the stumps far enough apart so kids have to carefully plot each step as they walk the path.

3. Giant chalkboard

Kids will go chalk wild for this plus-size chalkboard and being sooo large, they can share it with their friends and draw something together. You can suggest them a concept, for example: a day at the zoo and they can all draw an animal they loved there.

4. A miniature street for race-car fun

The project is quite easy to complete in a weekend, you can complete by digging a trace out of your lawn or backyard before or after landscaping. Make it as complex as you can, with intersections, building places, railway, parking and anything you and your kid my think of. Add tire as bridge, rocks and stones, plants and flowers, and even kids toys to make it more attractive for kids. You can even make an inexpensive one with cinder bricks and rocks. Ask for your little one’s input when designing the track and have fun customizing it with different vehicles, buildings, road signs, dolls and animals.

5. Snack time in a pool outdoor lounge

Take the kids pool and design it differently, like a very sophisticated lounge place. Add pillows, blankets and your kids feel like they are living the high life. This sweet snack plate is sure to make any kid feel special.

6. Backyard little house

This is the best gift you can make to your child.

Make a wood platform of 20 inches with stairs, add some pillars and fix the walls made of an light material. Design the interior with table, chairs, mattress, pillows like a small home. Your kid will love to invite his friends and eat cookies or gather their veeeery secretive meetings.

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