Car camping essentials and tips to sleep comfortable

Car camping essentials and tips to sleep comfortable

Below we discuss some of the very important car camping essentials that you must take to avoid all kinds of unease on the trip.

A sleeping bag

It would help if you shopped for the first and foremost thing on your next car camping trip is nothing else but a sleeping bag. However, check for the weather condition before you purchase to rest to assure that the bag you are getting is best suited for that type of weather.

For most people in America, a camp bag rated to 25 to 30 degrees is more popular than others.

If you are a frequent camper who can't afford to purchase a new bag for every other season, we recommend getting a perfect bag for the summer season. It will last you for the summer season, and in winters, you can always throw an additional blanket from home to get some extra heat.


If you are going on a family camping trip, and your family contains many people that will not fit in your car to asleep, then a tent is another essential thing you must buy. There are various sizes of tents available in the market for you to choose from.

A waterproof foam floor mattress

Having a waterproof and comfortable sleeping surface is key to healthy sleep. There are so many options available for this purpose. Yet we recommend purchasing a waterproof memory foam floor camping mattress from the hazli.

3 inches of foam should provide enough support for most people to sleep and will provide an " at home" feel compared to any air mattress that are more complicated to setup, can deflate are don't feel that natural to sleep on.


Pillows are one of the necessities of our daily life. Yet, it is one of the least noticed items for outdoor trips. You can pack your house pillow or purchase a specially designed pillow for camping.

Camping pillows are tiny and blow up in a few seconds. You do not have to worry about them getting smashed or ruined.


It is unpleasant to drink warm water in the middle of a hot and sunny day. Hence having a water cooler is very important as it gives you more energy. You can also use it to keep your veggies cool, saving them from getting ruined and rotten by the sun.

Plates and bowls

Not everyone likes to eat food on banana leaves. And if you are one of those, then getting plates and bowls is the next thing you want.

The best-suited option in this regard is hydro flask plates and bowls that are perfect to be used at home and for bringing food to family outside.


A reusable tea or coffee thermos is great for keeping all of your hot beverages warm for a good time. You can take your daily-based thermos for this purpose as well.

Tips to sleep comfortably in your car

Below we have mentioned 4 tips anyone can follow to have a safer and more comfortable sleep in their car while car camping.

Make a bed

Making a bed in your car is one of the primary things for getting a comfortable sleep. Most people prefer to lay down in front of the passenger seat. However, we suggest flattening the rear seat and making a popper bed.

You can use the above-mentioned waterproof sleeping mattress with the hazli collection. Just flatten the rear seat, put the mattress on the car's surface, throw your pillow and blanket, and you are all ready to get asleep.

Turn off the engine

You might be one of those people who are tempted to leave the engine running so that the car stays warm. Yet, you can not do that while sleeping. Running engines can contaminate the air through carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous for human health.

Leave the windows slightly open.

Most people shut the entire windows for safety purposes. However, this is hazardous to health. Having closed windows can cause a lack of oxygen, causing you to lose your breath and feel exhausted.

So, it is good to have adequate ventilation by keeping some small gaps open in windows. In addition, you can also open the front passenger windows slightly to allow the oxygen to enter the car.

Use life hacks

Here are some easy yet effective life hacks that you can use to enhance your sleeping experience in the car

  1. Stuff your clothes in the sleeve of a sleeping pad to create a comfortable pillow.
  2. Sleeping with cold feet isn't an easy task. So, if you have forgotten to bring your blanket, throw some of your shirts and dresses at the bottom of the sleeping bag and put it on yourself.
  3. To warm up your sleeping bag, heat a hot water bottle, wrap it in a pillowcase, and put it inside your sleeping bag. The warm water bottle will help you increase the warmth of your sleeping bag.
  4. Make curtains for your car windows by cutting up old sheets.
  5. Decorate your car with a set of Christmas lights to give yourself and your partner a special treat.
In a nutshell, car camping can be fun and interesting if equipped with all the essential knowledge.
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