LaserSling -High-Velocity Stainless Slingshot

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Make hunting slingshot more powerful with LaserSling!

This slingshot allows beginners to adjust the design posture by using laser aiming and horizontal aiming. A laser sight can improve you in enhancing your shooting accuracy. The movable sight design allows for speedy targeting systems. 


Powerful and high-velocity slingshot- The rubber band has a thickness of 0.75mm. It shoots extremely far and with great force. The handle's grip is nicely cut to fit in hand, and the beautiful hardwood handle is comfortable and simple to hold for both kids and adults. High-quality rubber bands with faux- Leather pockets for ammo storage that provide a strong pulling force and appropriate placement. Make hunting slingshot more powerful by concentrating your strength.

Accuracy and ease to use- Easier to hit a target and excellent for eye and concentration training, as well as for camping without the noise of a pistol. One strong slingshot and a high-velocity rubber band are included in the package.

Convenient design- It's an incredibly durable tiny slingshot with good construction that can carry in a pocket or bag for fun, hiking, outdoor competition, exercise catapult, and hunting, as well as for a boutique collection.

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LaserSling -High-Velocity Stainless Slingshot