Comfortable, Inflatable Foot & Leg Rest For Car, Office, & Airplanes

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  • Unique Design to Suit People of All Ages Ergonomically and Multiple Functionalities (U.s Patent Pending).
  • CAN TAKETHEM ANYWHERE - The Flypal inflatable cushionpillow for legs is a must-have for luxurious,convenient traveling. If you are always on planes, in hotel rooms or just going to and from the officeand home, thisproduct is a versatile way ofkicking back and putting your feet up --literally. Widedouble seal air valves enable manual inflation in under 2 minutes to providea footrest for home, office, or living room. It also deflates just as easily for a compact fit in any suitcase, drawer or car.
  • A2-IN-1 MULTI SIZE AND FUNCTION LEG REST - The Flypal ottoman foot rest is uniquein that it is made up of 2 cushions thatcan make 3 different heights and sizes suitable for utilizing as a foot rest,leg rest or travel bed for kids. The small and large cushion can attach via a hook-and-loopfastener on each side. Use the small pillow for tiny spaces like on an airplane or train or opt for the big one for when you’re relaxing at thehotel or home and need something to put your feet up.
  • A PREMIUM, GOODLOOKING FOOTREST- Mostinflatable elevation pillows are uncomfortable and look tracky. Flypal has made an elevatingleg rest people can use in their own home or office without having to sacrifice style for comfort. Most travel pillows and foot rests aremade of cheap materials and feels like it, too. Flypal has used certified flocked PVCwhich is an environmentally friendly, hygienic, warm and ergonomicmaterial that retains its durability and texture and is still pleasing to the eye.
  • GREAT FOR PEOPLE WITH CHRONICPAIN - Pain can be a nightmare, whether it’s temporaryor chronic. Sittingin the office, car or plane can be hard on yourlower back, knees and feet. Improper body alignment is a largeculprit of musculoskeletal problems due to prolonged sitting or standing, so it’s importantwe take time to elevate and rest our limbs. Flypal knee elevation pillow andfoot rest for circulation is great forpeople recovering from surgery or suffering from constant body strain.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELINGWITH BABIES & TODDLERS - Long roadtrips can be problematic for little kids that need naps. Both the small andlarge pillow are designed to fit between the front and back car seats to createa place to lie. Use the pillow fasteners to combine them to make a relaxation or napping pad for use on planes, at guest houses, or in hotel rooms. The Flypal adjustable footrest cushions are the perfect travel accessory for all age groups.