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Weighted Blanket for Girls - 7lbs Pink Cotton Blanket
Weighted Blanket for Girls - 7lbs Pink Cotton Blanket
Weighted Blanket for Girls - 7lbs Pink Cotton Blanket
Weighted Blanket for Girls - 7lbs Pink Cotton Blanket
Weighted Blanket for Girls - 7lbs Pink Cotton Blanket
Weighted Blanket for Girls - 7lbs Pink Cotton Blanket

"This blanket is very comfortable! My child usually kicks other blankets off, but so far so good with this weighted blanket! Snuggly, soft & super comfortable! Totally worth the buy!"

- Natalia K.


  • Dimensions: 41" x 60"
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket +  Pink Soft Minky Cover
  • CPSIA Child Safety Certified
  • PTPA Winner
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pink weighted blanket


Hazli weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber.

Due to its composition, our weighted blanket for kids ensures a constant body temperature and prevents beads leakage for perfect weight distribution.

It comes with a premium quality pink and grey blanket cover made of soft Minky fabric.  


Hazli Weighted Blanket for girls was inspired by the latest sleep trends among adults and kids for snagging some extra Zzzz.

Blanket's weight provides evenly distributed pressure across child's body and it stimulates the feeling of being hugged, so children fall asleep faster and stay asleep during the night. 

weighted blanket for girls

pTPA - Award winning weighted blanket

Parent Tested Parent Approved is a community of more than 100.000 parents who are testing products and services, to ensure that PTPA winners are chosen based on merit and consumer experience. Hazli weighted blanket for girls was one of the products parents and kids liked very much and has been awarded the PTPA Winner’s Seal of Approval.


How to choose the correct size?

A weighted blanket should weight 10% of your body weight and perfectly fit your body, not the bed.

Satisfied Customers

girl with pink weighted blanket
weighted blanket
pink weighted blanket

Hello, I recently purchased a weighted blanket for my 7 year old daughter who has been having a sleep disorder after hearing a weighted blanket could help. She loves her weighted blanket and sleeps so much better! ❤️ Thank you

By N. Mahouski

“I bought this for my 9yr old son who suffers from restless nights and has trouble getting to sleep by himself at night. We do oils and have a strict routine for bed time that does help a bit but adding this blanket truly did help him tremendously. He loves how soft the blanket is and though he said it’s really heavy to move from room to room in our house he doesn’t complain about it on him when he sleeps so we will probably be purchasing another for the living room/ couch as well as one for him to keep at his dads house so he doesn’t have to travel back and forth with it.”

By V. Nelson

Our son is a three year old boy with Down Syndrome. He has choanal atresia and doesn’t sleep well. My husband read something on the Down Syndrome Association webpage about weighted blankets, so we thought we'd give it a try. He slept so soundly the first night, I actually checked him to make sure he was breathing. The blanket works so well, we ordered a second one for our queen sized bed.

By J. Moleski

CPSIA - weighted blanket certification

CPSIA Certified

Our weighted blankets are Tested & Compliant with Federal Children’s Product Safety Requirements

PTPA weighted blanket winner

PTPA Winner

PTPA declared our products winners, chosen based on merit and consumer experience.

6 months money back guarantee

6 Months Money-Back Guarantee

You and your girl will love your pink weighted blanket or we will refund the full price in the first 6 months!