Collection: Active Play

 We know your family is like no other, so our swings are suitable for any weight, height or age and can be easily installed no matter the available space you’ve got, as they go wonderful in any tree or playground equipment you may have in your yard.

              We wanted to make it entertaining for your kids but also simple for you, so we included a key wrench, 2 carabines, 2 additional straps designed to hang the trees swings on higher tree branches and setup instructions. Because we love the products ourselves, we designed them as tree swings for kids and adults, having 4 ropes, so that you can adjust the height and make it work for everyone in the house (yep, for you and your missis also, after the kids go to bed :D) 

            It’s time to aim for the sun (or moon, for those of you lovebirds) and enjoy the simple things in life. Just keep swinging, just keep swinging...