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What type of parent are you?

Traditionally, the authoritative parenting style has been identified as the most effective.

  • you have reasonable demands and high responsiveness.
  • you listen to the little ones and provide love and warmth in addition to limits and fair discipline.
  • you'operate on the belief that both the child and the parent have certain rights and that the needs of both are important.
  • you are sure that you are in control and don't need to assert physical force to keep the child on the right track.
  • you are more likely to control the child by setting rules and explaining why these rules are important and why they must be followed'.
  • you may have elevated expectations for your children, but also you give your kids the resources and support they need to succeed.
  • you offer unconditional love that build the roots and the freedom he needs to raise his wings. 
  • you help him to be the best version of himself and that’s truly wonderful.  


And remember, we all learn quicker if we have fun while doing it.
So, PLAY every day and encourage your child to try new things.
Have a wonderful day! 
Mother of Two and Co-Owner @Hazli 
  • Feb 01, 2018
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